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Since more than 50 years Formzeug is specialized on production of high end plastic parts and its corresponding injection moulds.

A team of conversant engineers, tool makers and injection moulders guarantee optimized support in development, project planning and order processing.

Up to date production technology and facility, support innovation power of the Formzeug team.

Certified according EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, Formzeug provide articles and assembly on high quality level.

Formzeug offer the flexibility of at least 40 injection mould machines, able produce small, medium and large-scale production at a shot weight between 1 gr and 4.500 gr. Beside all customary thermoplastic resin, Formzeug keep a focus on Hightech material, such like PMMA, PFA, PEEK, GUR, PSU, TPE and many more recent resin types.

A full step automation as well as cooperative business structure provide efficient order processing at competitive prices.

Formzeug philosophy include to react quick and flexible on customer demands as well as delivery on schedule and reliability.

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