1.000t Machine

Injection Mould Department

Formzeug run up to date injection mould machines at a clamping force between 150 kN (15 t) and 16.000 kN (1.600 t). In moulding, all kind of thermoplastic resin is processed to free shrinking plastic articles. Range of articles produced include insert moulding as well as exigent two component  technology or foaming and many more.

Since decades Formzeug is known for its certain Know How in produce technical moulded parts in and outside Germany.

In year 2012 Formzeug expand its production area at “In Berg” site, to become more effective and flexible in serving customer base, before launching in year 2018 next facility (Werk 2) at “Siemensweg 46”.

Throughout all activities Formzeug pay heed of keeping quality level in product, efficient logistics and short lead time, at competitive prices.

Hall 1 - Site "In Berg"
Hall 2 Site "In Berg"